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The financial sector of the UK is ever-evolving and becoming complicated. It has a multi-faceted landscape. With burdensome regulations and compliance requirements, it is quite challenging for businesses to maintain a compliant and profitable business. The risks of maintaining a trustworthy reputation and streamlined finances are high.

Your company needs a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced partner to help you deal with the entire financial and regulatory burden and overcome the challenges of its respective industry.
Custom Accounting and Business Solutions

Custom Accounting and Business Solutions

At Smart Accounting and Finance, we have a deep understanding and extensive hands-on experience of serving thousands of businesses across various domains. We offer custom-tailored advanced accounting and finance services and business solutions that help you meet your specific requirements and goals.

From tax preparation to payroll, from submitting tax returns to financial planning, legal support, HR services, process automation and business valuation, we have you covered for all your financial, legal advisory and business consulting needs. We have a diverse portfolio of clients who count on us for handling their finance, business operations, and strategy.
Maximise Your Business Efficiency, Reduce Risks, Save Money and Time

Maximise Your Business Efficiency, Reduce Risks, Save Money and Time

Your business needs to stay updated and compliant as per your industry regulations. It has become increasingly tough for organisations to maintain a profitable and compliant business while also maintaining a robust system of financial reporting.

In this situation, we offer proactive specialist accounting services that enable your organisation to realise its vision, stay compliant, maximise efficiency, reduces risks, save money, and time. We can provide support at different levels, from the preparation of financial reporting to tackling challenging situations, turnaround accounting and much more with complete accounting solutions both off-site and on-site.
Our Personalised Approach

Our Personalised Approach

As an established accounting, finance and business advisory firm in the industry, we adopt a unique personalised approach towards business consulting and accounting. We stay abreast with the latest updates and advanced technology to provide you with world-class accounting and business consulting services.

Our trained, qualified and experienced professionals take time to understand your business challenges, needs, shortcomings, strengths, available resources and goals. We believe in transparent, honest and direct communications to keep you engaged and informed throughout the process. Our data and technology-driven approach enable us to help you make informed decisions for your business which have both short and long-term benefits.

Our Offered Accounting Solutions

We provide you with realistic and practical advice which boosts your business growth and gears it towards success. We ensure to develop and integrate a robust and reliable compliance framework across your company. Our extensive range of finance and accounting services caters to the clients of all scales and sizes from small businesses to public and private organisations. We can provide you professional support and business consultancy on various domains including but not limited to, the following:
Business Start-up and Registered Office Address

As an experienced accounting and finance firm, we understand the challenges that start-ups face during the phase of building a company. We work as your strategic team member and interpret your past and present financial situation to develop a robust strategy for your business growth. Our experts guide you throughout your journey to help you achieve your goals and develop a stable financial future.

At Smart Accounting and Finance, we provide you with a valid registered office address at a budget-friendly price. You need not take the headache of requesting and filling the forms. You only need to provide us with your company information and required documents while our experts do the rest.

Cloud Accounting and MTD

At Smart Accounting and Finance, we provide advanced cloud accounting services to store and secure your financial data and business information in Cloud servers. Through our affordable and robust cloud accounting services, you can easily manage and maintain your financial records without the need of hiring a bookkeeper. Our advanced cloud accounting software uses the best and standard accounting practices to prepare and generate accurate financial reports anytime and from anywhere.

The UK taxation system has brought about a fundamental transformation of Making Tax Digital (MTD). To operate a smooth and tax compliant business, you need to know how it affects your business, maintenance of your tax and accounting records as well as your communication and transactions with the HMRC. You need to maintain the digital record of all your financial, accounting and tax activities. Our experts help you implement and maintain MTD to digitalise your business and keep it compliant.


At Smart Accounting and Finance, we ease you by taking care of all your bookkeeping hassles. Using our knowledge, experience and advanced technology tools, we update your financial records with proactive and accurate reporting. Through our services, we eliminate any monetary embezzlement probabilities, ensure regulatory compliance and allow you to make informed and smart business decisions, confidently.

Statutory Accounts Preparations

Statutory accounts are also known as annual accounts that you need to prepare at the end of your company’s financial year. The statutory report contains information about your financial activities and performance throughout the year. These accounts are also crucial for tax preparation. Our experts work on the preparation of your statutory accounts to update and keep them organised. This saves your company from tax penalties and allows you to operate your business more smoothly and efficiently.

Running Your Payroll and Managing Your Auto-Enrollment Responsibilities

Running your company’s payroll can be a big hassle and cause of stress. It is also one of the most significant expenses for your business. The entire payroll process is time-consuming and an error can lead to fines and unhappy employees. Through our expert payroll services, we ease the burden of payroll processing. We make running your payroll pleasant. Our payroll services include all your requirements such as deductions, filing, off-cycle, bonuses and tax services.

The Government has made it mandatory for the employees to save through an Auto Enrollment program. This has increased the responsibilities of the employers. As a business owner or employer, you need to assess your workforce and enrol the eligible employees into the employee pension scheme. You should also inform as well as offer the pension scheme to the interested workers. Our experts work with you to manage your auto enrollment responsibilities and help your employees throughout the process. This ensures that you focus on your business while we accommodate your employees.

VAT Returns

It can be a hassle to prepare and submit VAT returns as there are so many other things you have to look after. However, it’s one of the most critical yet tedious tasks that you should sort out to save yourself from the tax penalty. If you are a VAT registered company, we are here to take the burden of VAT off our shoulders. Our experienced professionals work on compiling your VAT Returns and submit it to HRMC, which saves you time and money.

Management Accounts and Cash Flow Management

Effective decision making requires proper management and 100% accuracy in your financial data. We understand this and provide you with a full range of management accounts and regular financial reporting services. Our accounting and finance professionals also support management reports customisation and interpretation, which enables you to make informed managerial decisions and keeps your business compliant.

Efficient cash flow management is critical for the smooth operations and growth of your company. But it requires a lot of money and time. Our cash flow management services help you in the optimisation of your revenue, reduce errors in accounting and limit the usage of more resources. With our robust and safe services, we handle your financial aspects and enable financial forecasting to give you better control over your business.

Company Secretarial Services

The role of the company secretary is to ensure that your company remains compliant with all financial standards and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction. Our professional company secretarial services maintain your company’s records, prepare and file your confirmation statement, giving access to the records of the company, monitoring and maintaining financial records, preparation of legal and company documents, maintenance of statutory compliance and many others. We make the management of your business as seamless and efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on what you do best that is operating your business.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

Filing self-assessment tax returns can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know the existing tax laws. At Smart Accounting and Finance, we provide you with expert self-assessment tax return services to take the burden off your shoulders. Our experts calculate the taxable income on your behalf and inform you if you have to pay any tax or if you are entitled to receive any tax refund. We also make your accurate tax submissions to HRMC, quickly and efficiently.

Preparation for HMRC Investigation

If you have received the letter of HMRC enquiry or investigation, you need not worry about it. Our accounting and finance professionals thoroughly go through the enquiry letter and the details that HRMC needs to scrutinise. We prepare your records in accordance with the requirements and ensure complete transparency. Our experts that you seamlessly get through the process of HMRC investigation and fully satisfy the authority.

Automate Your Processes

The selection of the right technology is fundamental to achieve success in the automation of your business processes. As a technology-driven finance and accounting firm, we help you integrate the latest technology like cloud computing to streamline and transform your business finances and operations. We ensure to support you throughout your digital transformation journey. Through the automation and optimisation of your business and financial processes, we enable you to accomplish more in less time within your budget.

R & D Tax Credits

R & D Tax Credits refer to the research and development tax credits which the UK government reward to the companies for investing in innovation. It is a valuable source of minimising your tax burden and earning extra cash to accelerate your research and development efforts. At Smart Accounting and Finance, we know the expenses and activities that you need to invest in to qualify for the R&D tax credits. We provide you expert assistance to be eligible for these credits and maximise returns on your research and development investments.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

The UK government has introduced the Enterprise Investment Scheme, which makes it convenient for small scale businesses to raise capital funds. This scheme gives federal tax relief to the investors of the risky companies which purchase the shares of these companies much more appealing. Through our smart support and expertise, we help your small business qualify for the enterprise investment scheme and take benefit from it.

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