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We have introduced a series of measures to make our business more Eco-friendly
We are Environmentally Friendly Business

Supporting Sustainability and Green Environment

Smart Accounting and Finance firm is a thoughtful group of professionals who care about their environment. We consider ourselves responsible citizens who are answerable to our community, society, and our nature.

In addition to providing personalized accounting and finance services to our valued clients, we take part in environment-friendly initiatives both on and off-premises. Our leadership and team recognize the need for time to adopt eco-friendly practices and take actions that contribute to a sustainable environment and reduce the toxic load on nature to some extent.

The accounting and finance firms are widely-known for excessive paper consumption, which significantly contributes to emissions of carbon in our environment. Fortunately, the advancement of technology and the advent of state-of-the-art accounting tools have helped us to reduce this excessive paper load and make a small share to making our environment greener. At Smart Accounting and Finance, we are always striving to adapt practices and making ourselves a 'Green Accounting Firm.'

To justify ourselves as 'Green Accounting Firm,' we are taking two necessary steps:

Adopting green practices at our premises

Educating and supporting others to adopt green practices
Adopting Green Activities on Our Premises

There are multiple steps that we have taken to make our premises green.

We are on the way to become a completely paperless accounting office. For this, we have implemented advanced technology and encouraging the use of the latest cloud accounting applications. Moreover, we have put a restriction on the use of paper printing within the office premises unless it is direly needed.
Our firm has switched to the use of energy-efficient devices and other equipment at our office.
We have cut down on the duration of meetings and no longer hold meetings without a real agenda.

Encouraging Others to Adapt Green

To encourage people to adopt green practices, we are providing exclusive discount offers to those clients who are following green practices. So if your business belongs to the renewable energy industry or in any other way making efforts to make our environment green and sustainable, you qualify for our discounted services. We provide anywhere from 10% to 40% discount on our services to environment-friendly clients.

To explore more about our green initiatives, and become eligible for our discounted services, get in touch with us now!

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