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Most people think of accounting as something rigid and to the point involving only a number game. We do understand that it is a serious affair, but we make it friendly, flexible and personable for you. As your trusted partner, we make your business much more efficient, finances easily manageable and profitable while your life becomes stress-free, financially secure and enjoyable.

At our three offices, there are three partners with three consultants backed by a team of intelligent professionals. We work tirelessly to save your money, accelerate your business growth and reduce your tax burden.
Partner, Accounting Services

Madeleine Salariu

Partner at our accounting services works as a confident and most trusted accounting advisor. She works closely with the clients to understand their needs, motivations and objectives. She is not just a versatile and dynamic accountant but has exceptional management skills.
Partner, Accounting Services

Nazir Variawa

A dedicated, qualified finance executive with over 15 years experience in management accounting, financial reporting and control,strategic growth & planning and all round accounting and bookkeeping services. Nazir is passionate about working with people and get his drive and enthusiasm with making finance easy, delivering on high quality results and making a difference.
Partner, HR Services

Farhana Mia - Variawa

A CIPD qualified human resource professional with an in-dept knowledge of Human resources, leadership , coaching and development. Farhana is often required to make decisions and recommendations on what businesses should do in specific situations and also influence managers to change their thinking and bring good practices to small, medium and large organisations. Whatever the role, she links the work to the context and priorities of the business.
Accounting Services

Veronika Cvirikova

Veronika does her best to find ways that suits to each business the best, by using her expertise to help businesses assess overall performance for a successful future. With her knowledge and problem-solving abilities, you can be sure that you’re a step closer to realizing your goals. She also believes that every individual is unique and deserves a unique service.

When not crunching numbers, you will find her exercising on a pole, practicing a boxing or taking yet another hiking adventure.
Accounting Services

Elena Axinte

Elena has over five years' accounting and taxation experience in professional services working with small to large business clients covering a broad range of industries and clients. As a manager, Elena’s focus is to build relationships with her clients while overseeing a team to help ensure that they are receiving the best possible outcomes and achieving their financial aspirations.
Accounting Services

John Conning

John has over 20 years of experience supporting our SME clients and brings a commitment and drive to his work that we couldn’t be prouder of.

In life and in work, John is an advocate of keeping it simple. Over-complicating matters only leads to confusion.
Accounting Services

Aileen Bernardo

Dedicated accountant with 20 years of experience in the field of accounting/finance. Experience also includes extensive work in an end to end process of accounting, audit & admin support. She is a certified bookkeeper and a certified tax technician. Hobbies includes outdoor activities such as biking and playing badminton.
Accounting Services

Tim Mallon

A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Tim has worked in senior roles in a number of accounting firms. He has spent over 30 years in the North East following six years working in London in the 1980s. He is a former Chair of the North East England branch of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Tim is well known amongst clients and other professional advisers for his clear, practical advice.
Business Development Manager

Shella May A. Lambino

Has 10 years of administrative and bookkeeping experience. Equipped with exceptional ability to facilitate all aspects of internal and external communications. She is passionate in working with people from different parts of the globe and is committed to deliver high standard of service to her clients. Had the ability to align business objectives with comprehensive bookkeeping and administrative knowledge to achieve maximum operational impacts and boost efficiency.
Outside work, she loves to cook homegrown meals, much to the delight of her family and community. And looking forward to travel in the near future.
Office Administration

Seryn and Julia

Office administration staff at our company. All the core administrative tasks run seamlessly at our office, including logistics, record keeping, due to Seryn and Julia.

Energetic and lively, they ensure that both office and clients are adequately taken care of.
Business Coach

Tania Lopez

Tania is an international business and executive coach, a certified six sigma Master Black Belt with a solid background in management consulting, continuous process improvements, designing customer experiences all acquired in a dynamic and complex international business environment in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia. Tania held management and consulting roles for large companies and fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, Compaq computers and Hewlett Packard as well as for small and medium businesses, family businesses and start-ups. Tania’s coaching approach is positive, solution focused and blends mindfulness with somatic techniques, active inquiry, creative problem-solving tools and techniques in a mindful yet challenging style.
Business Systems Analyst

Rakesh Chaudhary

Smart’s Business Systems Analyst, Rakesh not only supports the firm in management of internal business system processes and automation but also provides support to our valuable clients to help them save money and time.
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